Wealth Management

Our Personal Financial Specialists (PFS), accredited by the AICPA, and Certified Financial Planners (CFP®), accredited by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, assist you in meeting your financial goals. CPAs have the background and experience to provide financial advice that is both independent and practical.

Wealth management services include:

Comprehensive Family Financial Planning

While the goals of financial planning are virtually limitless, we find the following five to be the most common:

  1. Ease concerns or worries about ever running out of money - now or during retirement.
  2. The need or desire to intervene in the financial lives of your children, during your lifetime or in the form of legacies.
  3. The ability to fund, in whole or large part, the education of your grandchildren.
  4. The capability to provide quality care to your parents in their later years.
  5. The ability to make a meaningful gift to a much-loved school, church, charity or other institution.

Comprehensive family financial planning seeks to address these five goals. While there are many good financial planners in your community, few can also address all of the current income tax and longer term estate and gift tax considerations to the extent we can. When you choose to work with us you receive this expertise and the convenience of having all of your financial and tax matters handled by one firm.

Tax Compliance and Planning

Our professionals are extensively trained in taxation matters, and our specialized tax consulting group devotes their time exclusively to this function. This group strives to develop a clear understanding of your financial goals, then provide recommendations, based on current and proposed tax laws, to help achieve those goals in a highly tax efficient manner.

Estate Planning

At RJ Pile, we feel the first goal of any estate plan should be to provide security that you will have the resources you need as long as you need them. The second goal is to provide for future generations and meet any philanthropic desires. The final goal is to accomplish the first two goals in the most tax efficient manner.

In a well-crafted estate plan, these three goals can often be achieved simultaneously to the benefit of all. And a well-crafted estate plan will be coordinated with your retirement plan and succession plan for any business ventures, so that they are all supporting each other. 

Pile Wealth Management

In addition to our wealth management services, Pile Wealth Management serves as a fee-only investment advisor to individuals, businesses, foundations, trusts and 401(k) or other qualified retirement plans.

As a registered investment advisor, Pile Wealth Management has a stated mission to provide you with a positive investment experience and to build an advisor relationship based on personal trust and company-wide integrity.

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