Core Values




Pile CPAs is defined by its SPIRIT of service. This set of values guides every decision we make as follows:


We wisely use the gifts of life and work, as well as the resources we are given. These resources include time, money, opportunities and talents. Each associate, regardless of level or responsibility, is guided by the Firm's vision and mission and lives the Firm's values, both in the workplace and away from it. Such stewardship enables all associates to meet and exceed their professional, civic and personal commitments and goals.


We define professionalism as excellence and best efforts in all we do. Each associate always gives his or her best effort because giving less than that is not acceptable. We treat clients, business partners and associates with courtesy and respect. This contributes to a positive atmosphere and helps maintain our position as a leading local CPA firm.


We adhere to a high set of morals, ethical standards and just values. Integrity is an uncompromising allegiance to those morals, standards and values so as not to impair the image or reputation of the Firm, our clients, our self or another associate. Each associate’s integrity is aligned with that of the Firm’s and guides our every thought, word, action or deed. We are obligated to be objective in our advice, to balance what is best for the client with our professional responsibilities and to give every client our best work.


We expect all associates to act as if Pile CPAs is their own by taking ownership for developing and growing the Firm, servicing clients and inspiring each other to excellence. Each associate meets this responsibility with an unwavering commitment to continual learning, dedicated effort and a mentoring attitude. Mistakes are accepted as learning opportunities and failures as an opportunity to change course for improvements.


We embrace challenges and pursue new and creative ideas with a passion that propels us outside the norm or status quo.  Innovation for clients means we look beyond the routine for savvy solutions. Innovation for Pile CPAs involves taking measured risks in order to create opportunities for both associates and for the Firm to reach their full potential.


We rely on the integrity and abilities of associates to foster confidence and trust. Trust is earned as others place confidence in or rely on us.  Each associate respects and supports one another in word and in deed. Every opinion is given consideration and associates are encouraged to contribute to the overall success of the Firm by directly addressing issues they are concerned about with the Firm leaders. Disagreements or disputes are handled in a discreet manner where the confidentiality of each party is upheld and respected. Clients rely on our associates as trusted advisors who are sincere, honest, objective and genuine.